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Only for :
Cygnus gen 1-5
Cygnus Gryphus 125
BWS/Zuma 125
Aerox/NMax/Force 2.0 155
Smax/Force 155

REVENO ONLY Pulley face, Boss, Ramp plate
REVENO ONLY Drive Face with Colored Fan (random color)

REVENO ONLY Pulley Roller (8g*3 9g*3 10g*3)for125/(9g*3 10g*3 11g*3)for 155

REVENO ONLY Spring Orange (Cygnus gen 1-5/BWS/Zuma) , Black (Aerox/NMax/Force 2.0/BWS(BLUE CORE)/Zuma 125(BLUE CORE)) or Grey (Smax/Force

YAMAHA Variator kit (Specific model)

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