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Who We Are ?​​

Reveno has been a unique transmission parts of the motorsport industry as well as the scooter industry for over 8 years. It is the passion for scooters, the dedication to performance, the ambition for perfection, the pursuit of the superlative, that motivates us to push the envelope to what is possible.


The commitment of Reveno is to offer our end customers riding with factory racing parts with just small modifications. Bringing the sense of aesthetics and functionality of Reveno parts into the daily life of each passionate enthusiast riders.

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Earlier  in 2000, while still working for motorcycle maintenance, we constantly encountered a problem that couldn’t be solved - the vibration of CVT clutch. The simplest idea of solving such issue later becomes a concrete project. And by 2014, the idea is no longer just some drawing on the paper but evolves into a realization of our seemingly farfetched dream. Research, Subversion, and Innovation, that’s how we define ourselves!


More challenges are awaiting in front, but Reveno will never back out. We will continue to devote our time and fund to launch the most evolutionary product!

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