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2022 REVENO X TSR X ELEVEN First telecast《TSR Summer Racing Festival》— Xihu Station

Everyone should be familiar with motorcycle racing events, right?

In order to let people know more about this competitive sport.

It's the first time that Reveno collaborates with TSR and Eleven Sports TV

Bringing the TSR Summer Racing Festival to TV

At the same time, Reveno's Youtube live stream has reached over 10,000 view!

This is the first TSR race and the first time I participated in the TV broadcast.🥹🥹🥹

I was so excited!!!

In the field, you could see the contestants' eyes were full of enthusiasm.

You can know how important this game is to them.

They were supported by their families and girlfriends in spite of the hot weather.

It made me feel so great.

Staff on-site activities to give gifts

Two days of competition full of cheering 💥

Family cheers for the contestants, a sense of superiority in winning an award.

There was no age limit on the competition.

Reveno hope that we can pass on the enthusiasm of Taiwan motorcycle racing to everyone through television broadcasting.

Interviews with athletes after the competition

Reveno is not only doing product sales, brand management, we also documented the efforts of everyone behind the scenes.

Let the public understand that "playing with cars and modifying them is not the same as racing".

Make motorcycle racing events more visible to the public.

Receive more reactions and support.

We will meet more challenges in the future. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Staff Discussion

Do you want to see the broadcast next year?

Let's look forward to a bigger competition next year!🤩

(All staff)


our co-sponsors



People who have not seen the game yet

Let's watch it!!👀

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