1.What is covered by this warranty?

The warranty is limited in duration to 6 months or 10000 km from the date of purchase and install. Regular expendables such as clutch disks, weight rollers, clutch springs, spring plate and pressure plate are not covered by warranty.

If the Product is found to have a defect, the Product will be, in the Manufacture’s sole judgement, either repaired or replaced by a new or rebuilt Product. In no event shall Reveno be liable for damages caused by the user’s fault. And Reveno reserves all the rights to alter, modify, and change the design to the Product, and holds no obligation to alter, modify and change any previous manufactured Product. 

2. Returns and Exchange policy:

1. damages caused by human errors.
2. Warranty sticker is altered, removed, or displaced. 
3. Flood, fire, earthquake or other natural disaster and human error. 
4. Any corrosion that caused by placing in moisture environment or liquid damage
5. The return sheet should notify with name of the dealer, serial number, purchase date, and reason( shall be judged by the Manufacturer)

    The appearance of the Product shall stay intact ( no scratches and damages), along with complete accessories and gifts, otherwise there will be fees       charges according to actual scenario.

3. Warranty Period

Reveno provides 6 months or 10000 km product warranty. However, to ensure the buyer’s rights, please register the serial number of the product at the homepage of Reveno to complete the activation of warranty.

4. Exclusion from warranty coverage

1. warranty sticker is altered, damaged, or removed.

2. Damages caused by fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster, and other cause beyond Reveno’s reasonable control 

3. Any damage caused by the unauthorized adjustment, repair or service of the equipment by anyone other than personnel of Reveno or its authorized       repair agents

4. Any damage occurring, at any time, during shipment of equipment unless provided elsewhere.

5. Any damages and malfunction when warranty period expired

6. Any corrosion that caused by placing at moisture environment or liquid damage 

7. Any damages caused by human errors( e.g. serious breakage or scratches)

8. Any damages caused by accidents, human errors, unauthorized adjustment or repair, natural disasters are not covered by warranty, but can be paid to     repair or replac with by either a new or rebuilt product