ZIP 50 2T Gilera 50 2T

  • Shipping Instructions

    [How to know the delivery of goods]


    Orders without problems before 3 pm on weekdays, REVENO will be mailed on the same day and will be notified by E-MAIL on the day of delivery.

    01 After receiving the notification, you can refer to the delivery time to calculate the distribution time.

    02 to the express website login tracking number, check the delivery status.


    [Delivery days calculation]


    01 REVENO Shipping Day : Monday to Friday

    02 REVENO Settlement Time : Shipment Date 15:00 Statement


    [calculation of freight]


    SF Express : Calculated per 0.5 kg per country

    EMS Express : According to national kg


    [special reminder]:


    01 Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea do not provide distribution. If you want to collect the tariff and related expenses of the goods at the time of collecting the parcels, you need to take the responsibility of the consumers themselves.

    02 The consignee must comply with the import regulations and restrictions (confinement, etc.) of the country/region where the goods are to be delivered, otherwise the relevant legal issues will be the responsibility of the consignee.

    03 Send packaging instructions: REVENO will use air bubble cloth or cardboard box to pack tightly when shipping.

  • Please note

    Please note:


    01 The currency conversion fee (procedure fee) is charged, so the commodity price is calculated based on exchange rate conversion and washing charges.

    02 With US dollar settlement, your actual payment will be based on the card's exchange rate.

    03 If you’re not totally satisfied with your Reveno purchase you can return it within 7 days, toge