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We don't hide!Popular photo spots for riders-《Northern part of Taiwan》

Are you a rider who loves to take pictures?

Today, I'd like to introduce to you the private attractions in the north that we also loves.

Whether you are interested in taking pictures or like to take pictures with your bike everywhere.

The following attractions are superb!

►Changoliao Mountain

Located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City.

Unparalleled views of the mountains and the sea in the northeast corner

Feel surrounded by the mountains.

You can also see the northeast coast.

If you pass by the Changoliao Trail, you can climb up the Changoliao Mountain.

It's really beautiful to see the view from the top of the mountain.🥹

Buyanting Pavilion

Listed as one of the 36 secret places in Taiwan.

Located in the road on the top of the hill.

It exudes a sense of independence and pride.

Also known as the "Lonely Highway",sounds lonely.

There are no shelter around, you can see the sunrise and sunset clearly.

This spot is not only a popular gathering place for riders, but also a popular spot for couples to take wedding pictures.

▪️How to get there:

By car🚗/scooter🏍: From Jiufen, take highway 102 south and the pavilion will be on the way to Mudan. You can also go the other way from Mudan. There is plenty of free parking on the side of the road.


Whenever you mention "God's tribe", you must immediately think of "Simchus".

Located in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County.

The main tribe is the Atayal tribe.

The deepest mountain tribe in Taiwan.

The road to Simakus tribe is full of steep slopes, you must becareful.

It is a popular route that many riders like to challenge!

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